I don't blog much anymore

This blog has been a total blast over the years, but when you write content for a living, the urge to get home at night, get straight into your PJ's and eat an excessive amount of Doritos is all-consuming. Some super humans can manage to fight the Dorito urge and manage to juggle blogging, jobbing, gymming and EVERYTHING. But despite getting into all sorts of hippie stuff like self help books and crystals, I haven't figured it out how to do it all. I guess I'm just an un-super human. I hope to come back some day. Mega thanks to everyone that's supported this blog along the way :)

You can still see what I'm up to, what I'm eating and what my cat's doing on Instagram - and I'm always lurking on Twitter, obvs.

* - this post was sponsored by Doritos for a ludicrous sum.
** - NOT REALLY. <3


My New Fave (and ABSURD) Online Store

I was on blog patrol today and spotted a flipping awesome LEO DICAPRIO covered ensemble on style2bones. In pursuit of finding out where such a loco outfit was from, I stumbled across the greatest, worst, most hilarious online store on the whole interweb.

Meet O-Mighty. The neon, flashing, ass-gif-filled home of your 90s and noughties cultural obsessions - printed onto clothes. I mean, this site's design makes Bip Ling's blog look like Wikipedia. 

Here are some noteable pieces from the Singapore-based site... Ren & Stimpy, emojis, txt-spk, Clueless, Rugrats... This is essentially a lifetime of my fave things on clothes. The 'Obama booty shorts' deserved a special mention, too, although I *probs* won't be purchasing. (Excuse the low res pics - their fault not mine!)

And the sock selection... KimK's 'belfie', Bieber's mug shot, Steve Buscemi (?!) and a baby Drake. It's ALL going on. 

If that's not awesome enough, just look at the product descriptions! Trolololol:

Can someone explain to me what is even happening?! Too awesome. 

International shipping is $10 and although it does take up to 4 weeks, it comes with this sound advice...


Bonkers. Amazing. Now WHAT to buy?! 



Five Ways To Wear: The Sweater (and things about cats)

Just checking out the Toppers site and I have two major things to report. 

Firstly I am DEFINITELY entering this competition to make Roxy a 'sock star'. I've always said she should be a cat model but what with the accidental kittens (#throwbackmonday!!) and the resulting saggy belly, it just wasn't to be. But a SOCK, she could totally do. I truly feel she was born for this. Wish her luck, guys! ^_^

Anyway, onto erm, fashiony stuff. Topshop's latest Five Ways To Wear feature focuses on the sweater, an item I personally love. I love blog posts and features that show you a bunch of ways to wear certain items - Rebecca has got to be the blogging queen of that! 

Time to remind myself that I can do a LOT more impressive things with my array of sweaters than bung them on with jeans and hope for the best. Take it away, ladies...

Look 1 is basically everything I want to be and more, so hurry up payday...

I salute you, Topshop! Thanks for the wardrobe inspiration. 



Weekend Snapshots: Coats, Car Boots and Carbs

I've had a lovely chilled weekend, including re-discovering the slightly ropey roof space out the back of our flat which I remembered is quite a good outfit photo location! So without further ado, here's what I wore on Saturday: 

(Jeans - Topshop 'Mom', Boots - Topshop I-can't-remember, Tee and Jacket - Charity Shop)

Saturday consisted of going around central London because it was the very rare occasion that I can actually face shopping! I had a pretty epic haul actually (might save for another post), but this Mango jacket was my fave!  

(Jacket - Mango, only £34.99 in the sale!)

The lowlight was Alex dragging me round  vintage shops as I have, in my old age, become so utterly fed up with them. They actually make me verge on feeling panic-attacky which is bizarre, but HEY, they still make for a good photo. 

And BREATHE... So on Saturday night we checked out Cabana, the new Brasilian place in Islington with the loveliest paintwork of all time! LOVELY food. 

Sunday was spent mooching around Dalston and Stoke Newington near us, meeting up with some pals before I went for a sunday roast at my mate Charlotte's house! She edits Betty Magazine, which you need in your life almost instantly. 

I basically wore ALL the new things from Saturday: 

(Jacket - Mango, jumper and jeans - H&M, peplum top - Monki sale, DM's - charity shop)

We headed to the Princess May car boot sale. We have never got anything in there but still always go JUST IN CASE...

A quick stop at the florist on Stoke Newington Road for tulips for Charlotte!

Roast dinner time! Charlotte and Jen went to UCA too, but it's only since uni we've become chummy - and I'm so glad we have.

And that was my lovely weekend in a nutshell! 

It's a busy week ahead as I'll be getting all of my deadlines for features in the April issue of Company Magazine! Always my favourite time of the month, when I make loads of lists and pretend I'm all organised, before it all spirals out of control later on in the month... It's always fun, even amid the chaos. Anyway, I'm actually reading an amazing book on becoming a 'productivity ninja' so maybe I can get through this issue without chaos... Watch this space! 

Hope happy weekends have been had all round! xo


Trend I'm Loving (But Will Probably Never Wear)

The trend I've seen everywhere lately (espesh in London) is trainers being worn in a très chic way. Not styled in the overly 'sports luxe' way you see in mags, but just with every day cool outfits. 

I'm all for a comfy trend (jersey and smock dresses make up 97.3% of my wardrobe) but something about the trainer trend scares me. I think it's because my hair is a weird length so I'm in a bit of a funk about what kinds of things suit me... Or maybe they just bring back bad memories of my time at the gym.

Anyway, I've been searching on line for some sneaker inspo to remind myself that trainers are not just synonymous with sweaty, sweaty exertion. They can look amazeballs, and you can run for a bus in them. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? 

Here are some of my faves from the world wide web, if I ever manage to stop chickening out about them:  
(Top - Nelly, Middle - ASOS, Bottom - ASOS)

What trends are YOU too chicken to try? 



KITTEN (plus jewellery or something)

It was love at first sight when I spotted the brand spanking new Me & Zena christmas lookbook. They've showcased their festive jewels with the help of a rather beautiful persian kitty called Gizzy! 


Cute or what?!



My Trip To Amsterdam

This is a somewhat delayed follow-on from my Lille post! After Lille, we hopped back on the iDBUS and drove a few hours onto Amsterdam. We got there pretty late in the afternoon but put our research about the thrifting opportunities straight into action. 

First stop was Out Of The Closet, a thrift shop which benefits the AIDS foundation. It had loads of affordable vintage/second hand clothes and er, free condoms! It's all about safe thrifting. 

 Then we stumbled upon the Waterloopleinmarkt - a market with vintage/random stalls and general piles of people's belongings like so:

Then we went in Episode vintage - there are a couple in Amsterdam and they seem to be the most popular vintage shops. It didn't seem too overpriced and there was loads of cool stock, but I'm a bit 'over' vintage really so never seem to commit to buying things these days...

 We were told we couldn't visit Amsterdam without visiting one of the FEBO chainstores - a 'vending machine' approach to fast food. You put in coins, and you can open the door and get a burger/croquette/obscure Amsterdam delicacy. We weren't really hungry so just got fries, but boy, were they good!

The Dam - hence AmsterDAM, geddit?

One of the many delightful canals. Regular readers will know I'm a bit obsessed with canalboats, so I was pretty much in heaven!

Then it rained. And rained some more. It was torrential. The cool restaurant we were told to hunt down had been turned into a weed café so we were stuck starving in the pouring rain. It truly sucked.

So we ducked into the nearest bit of dry land with affordable food - MCDONALDS. Yep, epic fail all round. Especially since they put pepper on the batter of McChicken sandwiches across the pond which is just sacrilege. Here I am drenched, bedraggled, emotionally unstable but safe at last.

The next day was glorious sunshine and I was SUPER excited because I was getting a behind the scenes glimpse at De Poezenboot - The Cat Boat. It's a floating cat sanctuary and has quite limited opening hours but they kindly tweeted me to let me know I could visit out-of-hours as I'm such a cat fan (read: twitter stalker).

It's basically a large room full of cats - some newbies in cages, and the more long-term residents out and about, who've all been rescued from the streets of Amsterdam. They warned me that they were in the middle of cleaning/tidying so it might look more bit higgledy piggledy than usual, but it still looked completely epic to me! I'm not even a cat and I wanna live there. 


Emo cat #deepthoughts:

We stayed on board for a good couple of hours, with one of the lovely volunteers, Ruth, giving us the lowdown on each cat's story and the story of the woman that founded it. It was the most amazing experience - add this firmly to your lost if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam. I spent a rather large portion of my holiday budget on donations and merch! 

After that, we stumbled upon the Rembrandt exhibition so we checked that out (Alex was enthralled, but I sometimes have a bit of a short attention span when it comes to art...)

Then we found a lovely cheap restaurant I'd read about online - Poco Loco. Yummy toasties for only a few euros!

More canal mooching. Oh yeah, bikes are a huge deal in Amsterdam. I was too chicken to rent one!

Oh how I LOVED Kitsch Kitchen. A shop of bright and fun home/gifty type things. Alex's idea of hell, my idea of paradise. He forbid me to buy some neon plastic ice cream bowls :( Y he so cruel.

This is Amsterdam's big beauty department store. I took a photo because it cracked me up that the store is called Douglas. What went on in that board meeting? Marketeer 1: 'What name exudes pure BEAUTY guys, we need to crack this...' Marketeers 2,3 & 4: 'DOUGLAS!' Whatever next? Space NK changing it's name to Nigel?

Moar catz. This one was just chilling outside a restaurant. I think it's eyes saw right into my soul.

We wandered further afield to the Jordaan district, which was less 'prozzies and weed'-centric than the centre and all felt a bit more local. Lovely walking along the canal at night en route - pretty lights!

We ate at a lovely burger place in Jordaan called Burgermeester but we ate outside so the light was AWFUL. Imagine a very delicious burger being eaten very quickly by two weary tourists. It was heaven. 

And then our whirlwind 40 hours or so were over! Can't wait to go back! 

Have you been to Amsterdam before? Feel free to gimme some recommendations for my next visit :)